31 before 31

I have been seeing a lot of bloggers out there making lists like 30 before 30, 35 before 35, etc. I love this idea and have been thinking about doing one for myself and so I am going to do it.
I know my birthday was two months ago but I am going to do 31 before turning 31 on 9/3/2013.
  1. Sew a piece of clothing for Violet. - Abby Cadabby Pillowcase dress
  2. Go on a picnic.
  3. Make a snow angel or snowman. -- 1/8/13
  4. Start a Christmas tradition of reading one Christmas book, 12/1-12/25.
  5. Have a sleepover with Violet & Oliver.
  6. Turn the Year of Violet pictures into a photo book of some sort.
  7. Make a quilt out of the Year of Violet backgrounds.
  8. Give up soda for two consecutive weeks. -- 11/29 - 12/13/12
  9. Lose 50lbs.
  10. Watch Gettysburg with Marc.
  11. Plan an amazing first birthday party for Violet. -- 3/16/13
  12. Start eating dinner at the table as a family, Marc and I have the horrible habit of eating in front of the TV.
  13. Plant flowers in the spring.
  14. Get a library card. I haven't gotten one since we moved in May.
  15. Take Violet to a zoo of some sort. -- 12/5/12 - Zoo Lights
  16. Finish paying off our credit card debt.
  17. Develop a solid exercise habit/routine.
  18. Makeover $15 play kitchen from thrift store for Violet's birthday.
  19. Have a spa day with my mom,
  20. Enroll Violet in some sort of class...swimming, tumbling, etc. --3/15/13
  21. Save money, stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  22. Make a birthday dinner for my parents, their birthdays are 5 days apart. -- 12/1/12
  23. Try 10 new recipes. Artichoke Chicken / Cranberry Apple Squash Bake / Butterfinger Pie / Paleo Rosemary Bacon Chicken / Cabbage Bacon Avocado Paleo Goodness
  24. Start working up to walking a 5k (stupid broken foot)
  25. Have a night out with Marc that doesn't involve sitting on the couch. -- 1/25/13
  26. Go see Breaking Dawn 2 with my friend E. We have seen all of the Twilight movies together, I was even sick during one of them --- 11/17/12
  27. Have a family picture taken, my parents, brother, sister in law, nephew and us. -- 1/12/13
  28. Send a baby package to my friend J. -- 1/29/13
  29. Become an active family - get out and do things when we can instead of sitting around,
  30. Book a Disney trip.
  31. Put together a Mary Poppins inspired outfit.


  1. ^ Ditto!

    And I love that you are planning to recreate those photos - GOOD LUCK!

  2. You all look SO happy who can beat that. Your little one is adorable.

  3. Checking in! How are you doing? Im writing my list out now :)


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