Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Weight Loss Bucket List

I'm a list person and also a visual person. I'm working on a weight loss chart of sorts right now but I also wanted to make a list for my blog. A list that I can come back to that will keep me motivated on working my way to losing 200lbs.

This list is made up of all of the things I want to accomplish or do while losing weight. Some are silly, some are things I can't currently do because of my weight and some are life changing.

  1. Go parasailing.
  2. Fly without a seatbelt extender.
  3. Lose 10lbs.
  4. Lose 25lbs.
  5. Lose 50lbs.
  6. Lose 75lbs.
  7. Lose 100lbs.
  8. Walk/run a 5k.
  9. Walk/run a 10k.
  10. Finish a Disney race.
  11. Learn yoga.
  12. Ride the little train in the mall wih Violet.
  13. Have photos done with my mom and Violet.
  14. Spa day with a massage.
  15. Run at Disney during the princess weekend.
  16. Lose 125lbs.
  17. Lose 150lbs.
  18. Lose 175lbs.
  19. Lose 200lbs.
  20. Travel to Europe.
  21. Night on the town with a rocking outfit and high heels.
  22. Have a second baby.
  23. Have a third baby. (Reserve the right to eliminate this, ha!)
  24. Go to Weeki Wachee's Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp.
  25. Develop a solid exercise routine.
  26. Become a Disney travel agent.
  27. Take an exercise class.
  28. Chase Violet without losing my breath.
  29. Baby wear my future babies.
  30. Find a clothes style instead of going with what fits.
  31. Be able to enjoy baths.
  32. Weigh less than Marc.
  33. Be able to water tube again.
  34. Take Violet ice skating.
  35. Fit in Violet's new princess tent.
  36. Actually look pregnant, not that questionable fat or pregnant.
  37. Ride the family bicycles at Disney's boardwalk.
  38. Go to a Broadway show
  39. Wear a shirt bought from Disney.
  40. Cook dinner most nights.
  41. Establish a cleaning routine and have the energy to do it.
  42. Take a crazy class like trapeze, silks, dance, something.
  43. Family photo shoot at Disney.
  44. Do something adventurous.
  45. Weekend away with Marc.
  46. Don't break a sweat when I take Violet to have her pictures taken.
  47. Go to a social event and not feel self conscious.
  48. Spend a lazy afternoon in a hammock.
  49. Don't panic when going out to eat and having to sit in a booth.
  50. Teach Violet to hula hoop.

I really can't wait to start crossing these items off of this list!



  1. Good for you hun, you can do it, I'm glad you reserved the right to revoke 3rd child sometimes I'd like to send a few back (well not inside maybe to the hospital) LOL

  2. What a fantastic list! So many great goals on here. You can do it all :)

  3. Love this list. It's so motivating especially all the Disney stuff. We are going to disney with Tommy's family in the fall and my goal is to feel good in our pictures. I'm realistic and know I won't be the weight I want but I just want to love some of HHe pics we take. Even at my skinniest I still broke a sweat taking Collin for pictures. I think it's just part of the picture taking process :)

  4. Ashley Ponder RichardsMarch 13, 2014 at 7:13 AM

    What an amazing list! I can tell that you put a lot of thought into it. I can't wait to hear the adventures of Leslie as you go about living this wonderful life you have set out for you and your family.

  5. Wonderful list and seriously hope you can cross all off and accomplish it all. I have faith you will and can't wait to see that you have. Wishing you tons of luck and sending good vibes your way for this :)

  6. I am w/ you and totally LOVE lists!

    This is a beautiful list and I am excited to follow along with you in this journey!

  7. Thank you!! I'm loving all the support, it helps so much!

  8. So glad you loved it and seriously I knew you were going to Disney soon again and wanted to get you something you could use for that upcoming trip :)

  9. You would make the best Disney travel agent ever!!!!


  10. Awesome list! I love the variety. It is such a good idea to do it because you will get so much satisfaction from getting to cross things off of the list! I always tell people that the NSV (non-scale victories) are as important, or even MORE important, than the ones on the scale.

  11. This is an awesome bucket list. I really do one of my own. I need to push myself harder yo meet my goals.

  12. Love this! I have SO struggled with #30. Maybe we can cross something off together this summer?? I'm still on my own weight loss journey, and I've lost enough to feel much better, but now I'm at the point where it gets super hard! You can do it!

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