Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Groovebook on Shark Tank!

Back in June I reviewed Groovebook and was recently contacted by them again. They told me that they will be on one of my favorite shows this Friday, Shark Tank! So I had to share the good news.

You will find my original review below and don't forget you can receive a FREE Groovebook shipped to you with 100 prints with the code GROOVYIMPERFECTION

Get yours before the show on Friday!

I was contacted by Groovebook to review their app and photo book product. If you are a regular reader of Violet Imperfection you know that I love taking pictures and that I love my iPad and iPod.

The Groovebook app combines both of these loves into one awesome app and photo book. For $2.99 shipping you receive a book of 100 photos FREE. I have a promo code for all of my readers below for a free Groovebook. Now that's an awesome deal, here is how it works.

First you download the Groovebook app for free for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or android phone.

When you first open the Groovebook app, you create an account. You input your credit card information and address so your photo book can be sent to you.
After that it is time to select your photos and upload them. This app could not be easier to use.
When you select the review button in the screenshot above. It brings you to the screen below. You tap the pictures you want to be uploaded and included in your Groovebook. You can even change the quantity if you want more than one copy of certain photos.
In the screenshot below you can see the upload screen.

Groovebook operates as a monthly subscription. As you can see in the photo above my Groovebook closes on June 8. Which means I ordered my first one on May 8. Groovebook is risk free and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

I believe you can finalize your photos at any point but your book won't be printed until you reach your closing date. You can even order extra copies to be sent to family and friends.

The photos printed are on glossy paper and come in a book that is 4.5 by 6.5 inches. They are perforated so you can remove the from the book easily or you can keep them in the book.

Here is the Groovebook I received. It was love at first sight.

The quality of the photos are great, the picture below was taken with my iPod and I am impressed with the quality. I find the quality much better than the iPod photos I have printed at the drugstore.

Another iPod photo below. The photos from my regular camera are great quality as well.

Another feature that I love is that they print the time and date on each photo. You can also see a close up in the perforated edges.

Here is a photo removed from the photo book. Violet decided to...ahem..."help" me by ripping it out.

For me using Groovebook is a no brainer. I take the majority of my photos with my iPod now as it is just easier to bring along and it fits in my pocket. I can easily upload my photos from my photo stream or camera roll, much easier than through the drugstore. Then the photo book is mailed to me. Being a busy mom, this is the easiest way to get prints of your photos.

I have a code for all of my readers to receive their very own FREE Groovebook with FREE shipping. 100 of your photos printed and delivered to you for free.

Use code GROOVYIMPERFECTION for your free, no cost Groovebook.

When you sign up for your account, you will need to input your credit card information. If you do not like your first Groovebook you can cancel with no risk and not be charged.

To review, here is a screenshot from their website and a YouTube video on how Groovebook works.

You can also like Groovebook on Facebook.

I received a free Groovebook for compensation to review this product. All opinions and reviews are my own.


  1. Ashley Ponder RichardsJanuary 8, 2014 at 12:25 AM

    Oh this is so cool! What a great way to print a photobook a month. I seriously may be doing this for 2014. How fun would it be to have a whole book for each month?!

  2. Ashley Ponder RichardsJanuary 8, 2014 at 12:35 AM

    Okay well I just started uploading my first 7 pictures!

  3. I really love it. I have tons of them now, every month the cover is different too. It's a nice little surprise each month.

  4. Have you ever added instagram photos? Does it cut them off since they are square?

  5. Perhaps you can help me? I am so confused. I have many images that have (all 3 of these) 1) a yellow dot (previously used) 2) a check mark ( selected and ready or upload AND 3) the word upload on them! What does this mean???? Has it been used before, is it ready to upload? I have sent numerous emails to their helpline and got the generic response which was the exact info that was on the app, which of course does not answer my question! I tired to fodn a phine number to talk to a human but cant find one. If you can halp, that would be wonderful. Please email me at rglphoto@aol.com
    Many thanx-Robin

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