Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Violet

Dear Violet,

22 months today! When I was editing your photo I kept putting 20 months, I'm not ready for you to turn 2 in two months.

We still can't find your onesie stickers so we put you into a leotard and you were a little doll. You love to dance!

We have had a busy month! Lots of Christmas celebrating with both sides of the family. You got soooo many toys. Playdo, an indoor trampoline, baby dolls, kitchen, play food, shopping puzzles, magnetic wooden dolls, bubble guppies toys and princess toys.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is watching you with your Nona (great Grammy). She just loves you so much. We gave her a photo quilt with you and your cousins and she loved it so much.

This month you were sick right after Christmas with a virus and then again now. I hate it when you are sick.

You still love dance of course, you can say your teacher's name now. We learned that you will be in the recital in June and I can't wait.

You are really getting into pretend play with your kitchen and baby dolls.

We had a little New Years celebration with some hats and glasses.

You still love bubble guppies, doc and Sofia but you have really started to like Super Why and Daniel Tiger too. It amazes me how well you can navigate my iPad and Dada's phone. Sometimes we even catch you watching Christmas Vacation because of the Santa cartoon in the beginning. The week of Christmas I'm pretty sure we watched Frosty 1,462 times. You also love Hercules who you call Broc-curles.

You really hate your winter boots as you can see below...

Let's see, what else? Oh! You are very into singing your ABCs and your numbers. You can count to 12 and know a lot of your letters.


I'm really loving the age you are at right now, it is so much fun seeing you learn and grow. You have such a great sense of humor. You tell mama and dada "you crazy" when we are being silly. You know what you do and don't want too. You have a strong personality my girl.

I took you to have your pictures done on Friday and you were a little ham. Thank goodness for being a portrait club member!

I know I say this every month but we really do love you so much sweet girl. I'm so proud of you and loving every minute of watching you grow up. I am so very thankful that I'm lucky enough to stay home with you.





  1. She is beautiful~ Happy 22 Months sweet girl

  2. Thank you! It's so much fun having a girl.

  3. Adorable! How fun that she is going to be in the recital in June!!!

  4. I love the portraits, she is so adorable!

  5. I love the idea of writing to your kids! So wonderful! She will appreciate it and so will you! Awesome!

  6. I wish I did something like this on my blog with my daughter. I barely could keep up with her first year. :/

    Congrats to Violet turning 22 months! It really is such a fun age. :)

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