Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting to Plan Disney & Giveaway

I love Disney World. I might be slightly obsessed if I were to be honest. I went on my first trip when I was 5 years old and it stuck. I was in love with the magic of Disney World.

I have been on 9 trips and all but two were when I was an adult paying my own way. Give me Disney World over a sandy beach any day of the week.

So naturally I am more than ready to take Violet on her first trip. I am not worried about her not remembering her first trip, I will have the memories for her. So with planning a trip with a baby for the first time I have new decisions, worries and questions.

Where to stay?

I am a big fan of staying on Disney property in one of their resorts. I would love to stay at the Wilderness Lodge but I just don't think it will be in the budget. It is considered a deluxe resort.

My next choice is the brand new Art of Animation value resort in a Little Mermaid theme room. The little girl in me is dying to stay in a Little Mermaid room and it fits our budget. Unless we can score a great discount code on a moderate resort I think this where we will be and I am A-ok with that.

When to go:
A few months back we had a trip planned for the end of this month but financially it just didn't work out. I have high hopes that we can go this year May 1 - 6. It is very up in the air but I hope it happens. We would also like to go in January 2014 as that is my favorite time of year to go and Marc hasn't been in January yet. That will be a bigger trip and one we can save more $ for. Marc and I don't use credit cards so we save our pennies to go on vacation.
Things I am Looking Forward to:
  • Taking Violet on Dumbo.
  • Having a family picture taken in front if the castle
  • Exploring the new Fantasyland
  • Taking our first family vacation just the three of us
Things I worry about:

  • Flying with Violet for the first time
  • That Violet will be terrified of the characters
  • That we will have to postpone our trip again
So for now, I am saving my pennies and dreaming about how fantastic Violet's first Disney trip will be, planning what days we will go to which park and where we will eat.

I do have a little Disney magic to bring your way courtesy of Love Our Disney.

Use the rafflecopter below to enter your chance to win!
1st Prize is $50 Visa gift card, 2 Mickey/Minnie shirts in sizes of your choice and a Disney Greatest Hits CD.
2nd Prize is $25 Disney gift card and a Disney Greatest Hits CD.
Both fantastic prizes! Good luck, sending pixie dust your way!


  1. wow, I hope I win! lol. I wish I'd gotten in on this. it looks like you have a good chance! I love the picture of you on dumbo btw. I am hoping the trip works out for you!!!

    1. Hi Dara!
      If this time goes well, my sponsors have said we might be able to do another Blog Your Way to Disney in the fall or in January 2014.


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney too!! We stayed at Wilderness Lodge for our honeymoon (thanks to amazing family friends who are DVC members!) If you're really super interested in staying at the deluxe resorts you should look into renting points from a DVC member. There are some very good sites that can help you look into that.


  3. Oh my gosh I would LOVE to stay in a Little Mermaid room!!! My bedroom when I was little was all Ariel!! My husband and I are already planning Disney World as our first big family of 3 vacation and although it's a few years away, I'm totally loving the planning!

  4. We took the Goof for his first time at 10 months old and he loved it!

    Disney released a 30% off deal today to the public on WDW trips between February and June. ;) That might be the deal you are looking for.

    Love the post!

  5. Awe I really hope you get everything planned out so you can take Violet on her first trip to Disney!! That's so exciting. I definitely think you should stay in The Little Mermaid room. Violet would love it too! I'm excited to be able to take Sofia to Disney some day soon too, probably with her cousins. And don't worry about her first time flying--Sofia just turned 12 months old when we took her to Arizona for a friend's wedding and she did great. Slept most of the time and I either breastfed her during takeoff/landing or she was sucking on her fingers. I think Violet will do fine :)

  6. You are too cute! I know Violet is going to love Disney as much as her mama when she gets older!
    Who wouldn't with your passion for it?
    I truly hope you get to go in May!


  7. You'll make it! I have a good feeling :)

    How did Violet do with Santa or the Easter Bunny (as in, take her to see "him"). That should be a good indicator of how she will react to the Disney Characters...oh, and ChuckECheese...scared the POO out of Ms. Middle so badly we had to leave. Now, she says she's fine, but I'm nervous to take her. She DID talk with Santa this year, so that was a BIG improvement.

    Have you read about those 'cool' parents who make up treat bags for flights? I liked the one that was something along the lines of: "We're only 9 months old twins and Mommy and Daddy apologize for the noise we're making." I think those are a good way to start the trip out. Make sure to include gum and ear plugs (you can get both at the Dollar Tree).

  8. I think you will be surprised at how well kiddies can do on a flight. We took our little guy to Disney when he was 2 and he cried at the crowds, the characters and just a lot everything. Despite the cry fest he still talks about it all the time and how he wants to go back. Some things he loved were the Country Bears show and the little dinosaur playground at Animal Kingdom.

  9. I have only been to Magic Kingdom but I loved it! I want to take my 5 year old back and do everything, maybe next year. My sister in law did stay in a little mermaid room a few months ago and they loved it. The pictures looked really cute .

  10. I hope you guys get to go in May. I love that you don't use credit cards and save the old fashion way, wish I had the will power to do the same.

    xoxo tiffani

  11. I love Disney too. We used to live in Florida so we got the four days for $99 park hopper passes, boy have prices changed since we moved out of state!

    The All-Star Resort used to be $59 a night, and it's clean and on-site. We've stayed there before and the kids loved the pools (and I loved the shuttles!).

    I bet your little girl is going to love her first trip there!

  12. best giveaway ever! so excited for you and your upcoming trip. i'm anxious to see what you think of the art of animation resort. happy planning and i hope everything goes smoothly!

    amanda kate @

  13. I found you through the blog hop. I LOVE DISNEY too. So I'm going to follow you on twitter and follow your blog!


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