Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Crib Rail Guard

Monday morning I woke up to my sweet cherub faced little girl covered in white paint chips. Seems like little miss bucky beaver decided that gnawing on her pretty crib was a good idea.

What is a Mama to do?

Well, first I looked at babies r' us and Target online but all the crib guards were either Velcro which I knew she would pull off or had horrible reviews. Also $27 seemed kinda steep for a crib guard.

So I decided to make my own. I bought 1 1/2 yards of polar fleece and using the idea of the tie off blankets made a crib rail guard. It was so easy to make.

First I cut the polar fleece down, folded it in half and put it over the crib railing. I cut two strips on both ends and tied them to secure it.

Then I cut strips and tied to the crib for lack of a better explanation. I had to cut off every other set of strips or I would have had extra polar fleece hanging down. The arrows below show where I cut.

For $7.49 I solved the problem and I have tons of fleece left over...I expect to have to make one for the other side of the crib but for now she is content to chew on the fleece and bang on the wall that connects our bedrooms. With the double knots I used to secure it, I should be able to remove the cover easily to wash.


  1. you are so crafty. hope eating fleece does better for her than eating wood!

  2. 1. We have the same crib
    2. We have the same wood eating issues.
    3. I made a crib guard out of left over fleece blankets this weekend too.

    Great minds!

  3. Great idea!! Pinning this so I'll remember it later!

  4. LOL ~ bucky beaver!! Too funny ~ crafty mama strikes again :)


  5. wonderful idea! and cute of course!

  6. Great idea! I wish I would have done this. Penny and Ben's cribs look like the were beds to beavers not babies! They chewed on their cribs alot!

  7. Good job! She looks cute even when she's chewing fleece. :)

  8. Polar fleece is perfect for this project. Fluffy enough to provide a cushion and I LOVE the new sew quality. This is a totally pin-nable post. So I am going to do just that! Great job, Momma!

  9. There you go again with the awesome ideas :) I'm doing this for Sofia. I actually did buy one of those velco guards at Babies R Us and it has worked wonders so far...but that doesn't cover the side rails. Which she also naws on. Plus the fleece looks so much cuter!

  10. Wish I had seen this years ago! Please share your projects at each and every week and check out what other craft divas are up to.

  11. That's a fantastic idea! She looks so cute

  12. Uhm hello! That's so creative and amazing! This day is right around the corner for us!!

    Thanks for linking up to Mommy Moments this week!

  13. Great idea!! Such a smart and frugal project. Well done!
    Thanks so much for linking up at Artsy Corner. Hope to see you again this week :)

  14. Oh, that is so clever! We are about to start transitioning our baby girl part time to her crib here in the next week. I can definitely foresee her wanting to gnaw on the crib railing. I will have to keep this in mind if she does decide to use her crib for teething. ;)

    Thanks for linking up with Marvelous Mondays!


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