Wednesday, November 7, 2012

THAT Just Happened X 2

After putting Violet to bed tonight, I sat down and looked in my blogger dashboard. I found a brand new link up from Wifessionals and Hooah & Hiccups called THAT Just Happened. I swear it was fate because I have had one of THOSE days. I knew I had to link up.


THAT just happened

#1 - I bundled Violet up on this blustery New England day to go check the mail at the end of our complex. I get outside and realize how cold and windy it really is. I get the mail and put it on the top of her stroller held with the shade closed like I always do. We had tons of mail as I haven't checked it for a few days. The wind starts really whipping and it is blowing directly into Violet's stroller so I do what any other concerned Mama would do...pull the shade down annnnnnnd my mail goes flying into the wind. All over the place including over the fence. I have two options. Take Violet out of her stroller and jump over the fence or leave her and do it myself. We live off a busy road so leaving her is not an option. At that exact moment one of my elderly neighbors pulls in and he graciously jumps the fence for me, yeah, THAT just happened. I was afraid he was going to fall! I felt awful and when I explained why I didn't want to jump over he understood and offered to do it. But least I got all my mail. 

#2 - We pulled our hideous couch out away from the heaters the other week. Little Miss found out today that she could crawl behind it today, no big deal right? Wrong, oh so very wrong. My darling adorable daughter found cat food under the couch....but not just any cat food...oh no. The kind that had be regurgitated up by our cat. Petrified, regurgitated, old cat food under the couch. Sigh. Only my kid. Neither my husband or I saw it, I am guessing it was under and her little curious hands found it, luckily I found her very quickly and she didn't swallow, small miracles people. Small miracles.


Who would think this sweet face could be capable of eating something so foul?




  1. hahahahaah I'm so sorry you had such a terrible day! but maybe a few days later you will laugh? or picture what other people were thinking as they saw? lol

    thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. This made me laugh. We all have those days where it's like WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN.

    Violet is absolutely adorable! Those cheeks!

  3. I laughed in bed last night when I saw this!!!


  4. This is so funny! Thank goodness she didn't eat it!! I just discovered the Mommy Mixer hop and linked up. I'm now following you via GFC and would love it if you could visit and follow back. Thanks for sharing!

  5. such is life :) your story made me smile. thanks for sharing!

  6. Yep, I can believe it, only because we experience the same episodes daily. My baby loves to play in the garden and swing her hands through old spiderwebs & grasp at the dead bugs caught in them. Ack! Happy to see we're not along :) Thanks for linking up with me, Leslie.

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