Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My List: 31 Before 31

I have been seeing a lot of bloggers out there making lists like 30 before 30, 35 before 35, etc. I love this idea and have been thinking about doing one for myself and so I am going to do it.

I know my birthday was two months ago but I am going to do 31 before turning 31 on 9/3/2013.


  1. Sew a piece of clothing for Violet.
  2. Go on a picnic.
  3. Make a snow angel or snowman.
  4. Start a Christmas tradition of reading one Christmas book, 12/1-12/25.
  5. Have a sleepover with Violet & Oliver.
  6. Turn the Year of Violet pictures into a photo book of some sort.
  7. Make a quilt out of the Year of Violet backgrounds.
  8. Give up soda for two consecutive weeks.
  9. Lose 50lbs.
  10. Watch Gettysburg with Marc.
  11. Plan an amazing first birthday party for Violet.
  12. Start eating dinner at the table as a family, Marc and I have the horrible habit of eating in front of the TV.
  13. Plant flowers in the spring.
  14. Get a library card. I haven't gotten one since we moved in May.
  15. Take Violet to a zoo of some sort.
  16. Finish paying off our credit card debt.
  17. Develop a solid exercise habit/routine.
  18. Makeover $15 play kitchen from thrift store for Violet's birthday.
  19. Have a spa day with my mom,
  20. Enroll Violet in some sort of class...swimming, tumbling, etc.
  21. Save money, stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  22. Make a birthday dinner for my parents, their birthdays are 5 days apart.
  23. Try 10 new recipes.
  24. Start working up to walking a 5k (stupid broken foot)
  25. Have a night out with Marc that doesn't involve sitting on the couch.
  26. Go see Breaking Dawn 2 with my friend E. We have seen all of the Twilight movies together, I was even sick during one of them.
  27. Have a family picture taken, my parents, brother, sister in law, nephew and us.
  28. Send a baby package to my friend J.
  29. Become an active family - get out and do things when we can instead of sitting around,
  30. Book a Disney trip.
  31. Put together a Mary Poppins inspired outfit.
What do you think? I think it is all things I can accomplish. The things on the list are important to me and when I accomplish them, this is how I will celebrate!


Do you have a list of things you want to do? What is #1 on your list?



  1. I love it ~ you rock mama and I'm sure you will have no problem getting any of these done! Definitely enroll Violet into swimming lessons. Reagan can swim the entire length of the pool by herself because I started her so early!


    Thank you for being a part of my amazing giveaway and don't forget to enter:)

  2. Such a great list! You can do it, girl!

  3. I love this list! I know you can do it. I too want to lose weight after baby. Too bad Christmas Tree cakes are back in the stores!

  4. I love your list its really simple but so achievable. You can do it.
    Come check out my list.

  5. Love Violet's smile in the first picture =) She's such a cutie! And I've been wanting to take my little girl to the zoo too.


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