Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Violet

Dear Violet,

You are 8 months old today! I can't believe how quickly this year is going by, i cant bear to think that you will be one in just four short months.

You love your Nenes (pacifiers). You sleep with them all in your crib and you lay down and test a few out before deciding which one you will fall asleep with. It is very cute and makes me and dada melt.

This past month has flown by so fast, we have been busy with Halloween and your cousin Oliver being born.


You are saying words and connecting them to who we are. You say Mum Mum, Dada, Nana and you mimic the way we say words even though you aren't pronouncing them. If we say kitty you look for your pal Ruby.


You look for Dada when he is at work and you light up when he comes home. You watch football with Dada on Sundays and by watch I mean you both fall asleep on the couch.

You also love it when Dada plays his guitar for you, you try and grab the strings.

You are pulling yourself up on everything, you love to stand especially on your tiptoes. I think you will be a future ballerina. Today, I helped you stand up and I let go and you hovered for a few secods beore falling. Once you get yourself up you can also walk along the couch holding on, you love your walking toy.


You have been getting into everything and I mean everything. So much so that we had to put up the big baby gate corral to keep you safe.

You still love to eat. You tried pickles and banana peppers this month and you loved them! You want to eat anything we are eating.


You are teething right now, you have your two bottom teeth and I think your top front teeth are close to breaking through.

You have started to become shy around strangers and people you don't see often. Uncle Tim tries to hold you and you cry and it takes a long time for you to warm up to Uncle Dennis. Once you warm up, you are happy and love playing.

Nana and grandpa taught you how to click your tongue on the roof of your mouth and to give kissy lips. It is so cute! Now anytime someone gives you a kiss, you make kissy lips at them.

You change so much everyday, I can't wait to see what the next month brings.

I love you so much!

Mum Mum



  1. Oh... what a great post! I wish I had started my blog earlier in Reagan's life. I guess I could always do those nostalgic posts.

    She's getting so big and cute and what a personality on her! LOVE IT!


  2. What a sweet post. I remember doing these for M ... and now she's 25 months. Wahhh!!

    I love the picture of Violet and her cousin. Too cute!

  3. Jus gorgeous, it really does go so quickly

  4. This is very sweet. It's a great way to document your daughter's growth. Your daughter is absolutely adorable. That smile is too cute!
    Stopping by from Mommy Moments.

  5. How precious! I wish I had done this for all three of mine. What a great keepsake for posterity! Visiting from MMM.

  6. So very sweet!! Love the photo of her in that huge cardboard box!!

  7. Awww, so sweet. Adorable pics!!

  8. Happy 8 months to your gorgeous girl! Love the last 2 photos - the messy eating shots are always so cute! Hope the teething is over quickly.

  9. What a cute post. My daughter's personality really began to shine through around this age, as I can see your little Violet's has done too. She is really super cute. Isn't it incredible how big she looks when compared to baby Oliver? Wow. Just look how much she's grown in 8 short months. Enjoy that sweet blessing baby! Thanks for linking up with me this week.


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